Monday, March 31, 2008

Spring/Summer Yarns for 2008

Here's a new sampling of one of the yarn lines we will be carrying for the Spring and Summer.
Let's get earth friendly! This booklet of easy and comfortable pieces reflect the eco-friendly properties of the Terra Collection yarns. You can do something good for the environment and yourself at the same time. The eco-collection consists of three new yarns Sky, Bali and Jeans. 


We have the cover sweater done in Jeans on display at the shop and are in the process of knitting the Bali V-neck short-sleeved pullover (see photo below) - so soft and easy to wear. 

Come by for a visit to see these completed models and to view all the fashions in this booklet. Or check it out online by copying the following link into your web browser to see the designs


Anonymous said...

This is a great site and I know the store is better. Been knitting there a couple of years.

Carol said...

This is a great blog site ... looks good, and the projects look even better! ... good going, girls!